The Sins of our Fathers

The sins of our Fathers
I have taken time to examine their sins measure by measure and have come to the realization that the present national paralysis is due to their many blunders. They ate the green unripe mangos and we are left to bear the brunt of the stomach ache just like what Jeremiah meant when he wrote ‘the fathers have eaten a sour grape and the children’s teeth are set on edge’.
Rather than lay a solid foundation for the Nation at Independence, they were more concerned with boosting their political power and prowess. They with one voice fought the colonial power that be. Having battled colonial oppression with zeal, vigour and energy; they failed woefully to strengthen their united political Arsenal, instead they went their separate ways to form regional and ethnic political parties. The Northern People’s Congress (NPC), National Council of Nigeria and Cameroon (NCNC) and Action Group (AG) were formed along ethnic lines. No wonder today, we are still divided along those lines. The inability to settle their differences led to over 28 years of military usurpation. Yet, they were never apologetic.

With the return of democracy, we thought lessons would have been learnt and correction made to previous errors. Alas! They seemed to be in love with sour oranges and again consumed the uncooked chicken with gluttony. 12years later, the tummy pains remain excruciating.
Here in the University of Ibadan, they have told us never to look the elders in the eye even in the face of oppression. They have taught us to keep sealed lips though things are obviously falling apart but when we dare look them in the eye and refuse to be cowered, they graciously give us silencing letters like birthday gifts.
Our fathers, our fathers, thus far have you led us. You have led us in the path of oppression, suppression and subjugation. But now is the time to break away from the sins of our fathers; take the path of light and vehemently refuse to bear the consequences of their carelessness. Children of my fathers stand up and fight for the emancipation and unity of your dear motherland. However, don’t let history repeat itself by falling prey to the sins of our fathers. Don’t make the same mistake they made or the next generation will as well curse you.

Birthday wishes
I want to say happy birthday in arrears to Ikem Deborah Eva and Ajibola Yetunde Aisha. I also use this opportunity to say happy birthday in advance to two of my best friends: Faith Ukpai (23rd) and Ola Daniel Olawale (29th). I wish them a God-filled new year.

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