Open Letter to Samson Siasia

Good day to you sir, well i guess i should first congratulate you on your recent appointment as the chief coach of the super eagles. I wouldn’t say i didn’t see this coming considering the manner in which football loving and crazy Nigerians have been clamouring for you ever since you led the flying eagles of Nigeria to that beautiful silver place finish at the 2005 world under 20 youth championship in Holland. At that event Lionel Messi was the only gap between you and the trophy. Infact, two of your lads( john mikel obi and Taiye Taiwo) were second and third most valuable players with Lionel Messi again snatching the MVP award from your boys. I do not doubt your ability as a tactician, i mean you have discipline, beautiful team play, you seem to get along with your players( except for John mikel obi) i will talk on that later and above all, you are the first Nigerian coach to hire a white: Dutch’ simon Kalika as assistant coach. It has always been the reverse; a white chief coach and our own local tacticians as assistant coaches but you changed that, for this i respect you. But truth be told, you really did not achieve much; i am sorry if i am too harsh, its just that we must set the records straight. Yes! the boys you took to Holland played beautiful football, one which is no longer known with any of our teams including the Super Eagles but they were age cheats. The only reason they could win the silver medal at that event was because they were stronger physically. Even you cant deny that sir. If you will recall sir that Sebastien Broderick and Tunde Disu performed wonderfully well with the under 17 golden eaglets both winning the Gold medals in 1985 and 1989. They got the nod of all and sundry to lead the super eagles. What happened they failed woefully. Bonfrere Jo also led the under 23 Dream Team. He performed better than you did, he won gold with the team at Atlanta ’96 Olympics. But you are a witness of his disastrous outing with the super eagles. I can on and on. I mean consider the experience of the following and grade their performance with the super eagles: chief onigbinde, christian chukwu, shuaibu Amodu, Austin Eguavoen. Hey that reminds me, i believe Nigerians have being totally ungrateful to this man. Eguavoen handled the eagles between 2005 and 2006 accomplishing an intimidating competitive match record of eight wins, one draw and one loss. That loss was to the Didier Drogba led cote d’voire. I stand to be corrected if i am wrong that Eguavoen’s eagles scored 20 goals and conceeded only six; yet the NFA( the name remains this until the NFA ACT 2004 is amended) has always undergraded him to the assistant coaching position and now he had to drop lower to the under 23 team just to make way for you. That to me is totally unfair. In one of the interviews you granted the Nigerian press, yot appealed that Nigerians should be patient with you but face it sir were Nigerians patient with any of your predecessors? Capital NO! were we patient with shuaibu Amodu, christian chukwu, Austin Eguavoen,Berti vogt or even Lars Lagerback? So why should be patient with you. I dont think Nigerians are very patient people which means that if you dont get results fast, you might fully get that your four years 240 million naira wage. Furthermore sir, they say you have an unforgiven spirit. Is it true? Before you answer, maybe i should remind about John mikel obi. In 2005, you said you have forgiven him but after the Beijing 2008 olympics, it was clear you still had grudges against him. If only i can see you sir. There are questions i will like to ask you such as ‘will Mikel be included in your Eagles’ considering the fact Mikel was recently rated as the best passer of the ball in Europe( And most important “will you force him to play offensive midfield instead of the defensive midfield in which he has become a god? what am i getting at sir? I believe that coaching is not the problem with eagles. Its with the players. I dare you to point at three world class player in the super eagles. We have none, they are all average age cheat products. Apart from Mikel, none of them is playing a trully big club. Again apart from Mikel who was tutored by Jose Mourinho and is now under carlo Ancelloti, none of them plays under a world class coach. These and many more reasons why i agree with Adokiye Amiesimaka that if we pay proper attention to youth Academy and development, our Eagles may be really super from the year 2020. Until then sir, we will continue to move in circles. Anyway, who am i to tell you what you can do and what you cant do. If emotionally disturbed football crazy Nigerians say you can do it, then it means you can but dont say you weren’t warned when you get the boot. In the meantime, i wish you Goodluck Jonathan’s goodluck. Signed a concerned friend

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