Oluwatosin Fatoyinbo: Ginger Beer Brother!

It was just after Sunday service, and I was sitting close to the choir stand waiting for Brother Ade, whom everyone recommended that I speak with. I had some serious challenges at my place of work and I urgently needed to change jobs. In the previous three weeks, I had sent out about fifty applications to various organizations but the response was always the same “Dear Tolu, we find your CV interesting, however we are not hiring for now. We will keep your cv in our database against future vacancies”.

After what seem like five minutes, Brother Ade tapped me and said ‘Hi, I was told you wanted to see me’

‘Good afternoon sir. I need your advice on a couple of issues’ I said.

‘Ok that is fine, but can you give me a minute? I need a cold drink’ I nodded my head to confirm that I would wait for him.

He was back almost immediately, with two can drinks. He handed one to me as he sat down. He opened the one with him straightaway, took a long gulp of the drink and heaved a sigh of satisfaction. I looked at the can in my hand and I was aghast, I lost my bearing immediately. I could not believe my eyes. How can a church brother buy and drink a beer in God’s house. Not only did he buy for himself, he bought for another Christian. This man that everyone thought was a model Christian is actually a hypocrite. In the first place, I had always argued that people who sold merchandise in church couldn’t be genuine Christians. I mean, how people come to church to sell pie, Coca-Cola, asun, peppered snail, chicken and chips and all sorts of orisirisi is beyond me. To make matters worse, they are now started selling beer in ‘our church’. Oh God what is happening to this generation? What is wrong with the Church?

“This beer is fantastic and I love it. Try it, you will love it too” Brother Ade enthused bringing me out of my reverie. His enthusiasm confirmed my fears; he was but a hypocrite who didn’t even mind showing it off in Church. I looked around and noticed that the church was still bustling with people observing fellowship after fellowship, so he definitely wasn’t hiding the fact that he was sipping a beer. Whilst I know that drunkenness and not the taking in of alcohol is sin, I wouldn’t want to associate myself with any Christian who drinks alcohol. I know drunkenness is the sin but how do you even measure drunkenness? A man takes a bottle of beer and he is drunk, another gulps a whole crate of 12 bottles without getting drunk. So who is the sinner amongst the two? In fact, there is a man on my street who can down 12 bottles of beer every day without getting intoxicated, providing he has a plate of ‘isi-ewu or ‘point and kill’ to go with it.

‘So what do you want to discuss with me?

I gave him a suspicious look but resisted the urge to walk away. Instead I narrated my experience. After which he gave me excellent, top notch, scripture filled, practical counsel. He also asked me to send my cv to him via mail. Throughout his speech, I could not shake off the fact that he had just drunk beer in my presence, and I was amazed at how despite the beer, he had so much wealth of knowledge of scripture and practical life. He is a worded hypocrite, I concluded.

‘Alright Tolu, I expect to receive your email today so I can forward to my friends. Hopefully, something will come up.’ He stood, gave me a warm handshake and briskly walked away.

As he walked away, I looked at the can in my hand again and saw ‘Ginger beer, Non-alcoholic’.

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2 thoughts on “Oluwatosin Fatoyinbo: Ginger Beer Brother!

  1. hrh7 says:

    I don’t mind drinking actually. And while I don’t believe the church should be a market place, half the people in any church don’t eat breakfast before coming and long meetings can make you weak and dehydrated. It’s okay as far as I’m concerned as long as it is sold after service.
    And as for the brother in the story, the log in your eye was showing clearly.
    I like this story. Can’t wait to read more like it.

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