Oluwatelemi Ola-James: It Won’t Hurt to feel it too

I curled myself up against the army green leather settee, thoughtlessly sipping the very chilled viji milk my host got me, lamenting that I was made to watch a mexican love series “Mari Mar” which was very contrary to my regularly “Criminal minds’, “Major Crimes” kinda series. I whined and sighed but my host paid me no mind as she sat eyes affixed to the screen. Amazed at how engrossed she was, I decided to give it a shot.

Soon enough, I was totally engrossed as well,a little more than my host ‘sef’. As I watched, I, in my mind swapped roles with the young Mexican girl that had fallen hopelessly in love. My heart missed a beat as her lover,Sergio, cupped her face in his tender palms and looked straight into her glassy eyes. He lean forward to plant a kiss on her quivering lips and as the tip of his lips slightly touched hers, her eyelids lowered themselves and it was like nothing else mattered. She was definitely in cloud nine and he hadn’t even kissed her yet!
Suddenly, I felt this wet sensation along my tights, I jolted back to reality as I realised that more than half of my chilled viju had poured on my fancy cream coloured pleated skirt.”Mschewwww, abeg let’s remove this movie,” I said to my host angrily. I was angry at the fact that I had just ruined my favourite skirt but more about the false impression that love like this exists.

I thought back at the various men that had passed my life, none of them had treated me like Sergio treated Marimar. Is it that they just did not feel the need to treat me like that or that I did not deserve it or that men like that exist only in movies?

But really, where did all the good men go? or is it that love is really overrated? Whatever happened to the men that will sweep you off your feet and would make you feel like you are the best thing that happened to them, the ones that will encourage you to keep your cookie in the cookie jar and not manipulate you to giving them a bite. The ones that need not say “I love you” but you know damn well that they do. I doubt if other girls have them because an increasing number of ladies are on the prowl for these “movie-like men”.

As I got up to clean up my soiled clothing, my host and I concluded that love is really overrated and that love like this exists only in movies but then, even if it means signing up for a movie audition, it certainly won’t hurt to feel this kinda love too.

Oluwatelemi, is a once-upon a time love addict, who learnt the hardest way that the only true lover is Jesus. Follow her on twitter @teju_james

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3 thoughts on “Oluwatelemi Ola-James: It Won’t Hurt to feel it too

  1. Anonymous says:

    True love does exist but only in movies. Nice piece, and YES, I think love is overrated. People don't do anything for love these days. People do things for what society accepts, what reason says, what people think. People don't get married 4 love anymore, but financial security. Lol.

  2. Shina says:

    NIce piece, but I still believe true love is not overrated, what is rare is finding d pure form of love. For there to be a fake of something, it must have an original, now that may be very scarce and not available to everyone, but it does not mean it doesn't exist.

  3. oluwatosin fatoyinbo says:

    I believe that love exists because my Bible tells me so, whether it will be. Like the movies is what I don't believe in. If you ll just stop paying attention to all these hollywood and bollywood thrillers, ladies will be fine.

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