After rendering the first session of the romantic melody, with her gloved hands skilfully manning the giant melodeon, I was more than convinced she is indeed nothing but the “melodist”. As she began the second session, her choice of “romance” songs meddled with piercing tone of satire was the magic that made her the “chosen”, and automatically the best hand for this job or better still; the job……Cool melodious music is indeed propeller of great thoughts. The Mr Hope of the nation is in perpetual perpetrated damnation. The solid pillars of the country are nothing but shams. The concrete fundamental orientation of Mr Administrator is to make sure “my Swiss account is made robust” with the taxes of the robots working restlessly and restively without walking as kings. Mrs First Lady is fond of creating preponderance of positions and titles for herself, forgetting in a twinkle of an eye that “he who forcefully put a hot silver spoon in his mouth would alone dance to the un-rhythmic rhythm of the aftermath of the burn”. Mr Country is the perfect example of tournament games. Mr ‘Every individual’ wishes to be a politician. Mr ‘Politicians’ practically ‘politics’ with “pandemonium” in the States and at the same time feed on the honey of the Nation. They care less about the wrinkles on our faces and the ‘pot holes’ at the basement of our necks. They are truly the game masters. They blindly feed on the honey, but foolishly forget the obvious fact that behind every sweet honey, there is the king Bee. A good friend of mine once jokingly affirmed we live in a country where majorly Mr Poor makes sure the people at the lower cadre remain pauper and desolate. Mr Poor they say shall remain poor, while Mr Rich get richer. Mr Poor is being used as political bull dog, and after biting incessantly at “their” target, he still remains malnourished. Mr Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) takes enjoyable pleasure at sapping the intellectual acumen of young lawyers, culminating into big sacks full of currency of ‘your choice’ but at the end of each month puts crumbs into their expectant pockets. He boastfully donates millions of Naira at Public Lectures, and flies to his abode of relaxation and leave the young lawyers to crack the hard nuts and yet pays them ₦10,000 (ten thousand naira)…oh sorry, some now pay ₦20,000 (twenty thousand naira). I hope when the young lawyers leave your ‘Robust Chambers’, you would not be left with a “One-Man” chamber, and be forced to carrying your case files to courts on your head yourself. A word they say is for the W… Oh! She is almost done. I will definitely send these lyrics to her. I sincerely hope she would voice my heart to her subsequent audience and my humble but heart-felt request be wholesomely considered as I send these LYRICS TO THE NIGHTINGALE. This writer tweets from @dkingschamber

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