Makinde Sinmiloluwa Victor: Living in a Crazy World

This article was writen in 2011 and it is shocking that it has not lost its relevance even now

History has revealed to us that this world was once good and beautiful. A place where a new born child will long to live and where the dead will love to return to.

All of a sudden, the beauty flew up into the realms of darkness. The word “sanity” now backs the prefix “in” making it “insanity”. No wonder Lucky Dube said, “we now live in a crazy world”.
Like MI would say, “life is an action film and we are all actors in this world”, but have you noticed that some do act according to the script while others act according to how they feel. Although I was late in arriving, I never knew that I would be living in a crazy world.

From childhood, I had known that this world is crazy. If you have biscuit, people would be your friend but if the biscuit is exhausted, they cease to be your friends. It is in this world that the people who are suppose to die “as in the bad”, live long while good people who are suppose to live long not only die young but in unfortunate circumstances.
It is in this part of the world that NYSC members would be killed and all a governor could say is that it is “fate”. Isn’t that crazy?

Is it not crazy when most people who work in hotels cannot afford a room in the hotel, even for one night. If you don’t have a girlfriend, people would say you are crazy and if you eventually have a girlfriend without checking what is “under the skirt”, people would also say that you are crazy. Ah!!

Is it not absurd or is it by force you date someone? My father once told me that when he started dating my mum, it was something of a secret that they did with fear. But in our modern world, dating is not done in the secret. Even, sex is discussed among people especially the youth as if it is nothing. Some even boast of how many people they have slept with and how the experience was like. What a crazy world indeed.

My country is among the top producers of crude oil in the world but we still borrow funds from international bodies “to import oil”. It is in this part of the world that I know that a person would struggle to go to school and when he comes out, no job or if lucky, will be given a taxi cab to drive becoming a graduate taxi driver plying his business from “Bere to Oje” in Ibadan. Crazy, isnt it? It is also in this part of the world that I know that politicians no longer fight themselves with guns but bombs. Crazy, abi?

It is in my country that running to a police headquarters or army barracks is not safe because you dont know where and when the next bomb will explode. My country is the only place that our sheepherds give April fool to his flocks in January. It is in my country that NYSC members are afraid of being posted to some part of the country because they dont want to carry “short-sleeve” (amputated hands and legs) back home that is if they are lucky to be alive.

The policemen in my country are now specialist tax collectors even when you still have to pay your tax to the state. It is also in my country that a President will refer to some sections of the citizenry as “ordinary” crazy, crazy, crazy!

Imagine a human being waking up and killing his fellow. Or just imagine people hijacking a plane and flying it directly towards a tower. Okay, imagine someone calling himself a suicide bomber; killing himself with others. Is that not crazy? Imagine a senator and former governor getting married to a 13 year old girl when he has several wives. Can we say he is not satisfied or he is crazy?

The thing I hate most in life is pretending to be what you are not. Is it not crazy when people you look up to as mentors in your religion are not who they pretend to be? Imagine a situation where a thief who disguises as a police man is made to catch thieves. Imagine when somebody who is campaigning against corruption is himself corrupt?
Crazy isnt it? Some people are fond of aborting while some others fast and pray just to get pregnant even if it is for once. A crazy world indeed.

Nowhere is safe even the White House. A world where a man is jailed for what he knows nothing about. A world where a man rules even when his leadership is been rejected by the people he rules. Could the world beyond be better than this? If yes, is death the way out? If yes, who should be killed: the good or the bad? If the bad, are you good?

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