From childhood, Sikira has been the love of my life. Our love grew more fierce like a wild fire to the point that I had to marry her in ‘isu’ and in ‘oka’. Everything she needed, I provided even if I had to steal. Though I could have sent her packing for cheating on me, I choose to Love her. If I dont love her, who else would do with all the lion nails she has on her face that people call tribal marks? Though I could have chosen not for forgive Luku, my childhood friend not only for sleeping with Sikira, my love since childhood but also for absconding with the money he asked me to lend him, I choose to forgive him because if I dont, what would I stand to gain? I’ve faced enough situations that have threatened my spirit, soul and body; days of soaking gaari without groundnut nor sugar, days of labouring under the scorching sun…but I choose to be strong because if I’m not, then I’m less a man. Since Luku has swindled me, my life has gone down the drain which sometimes makes me wonder the difference between the life I live and hell because to me, there’s no difference (okay, I haven’t been there so I cant say). I’ve had to look for job and even endure insults from children not up to the last born of our family. But in spite of the insults, I choose not to give up because if I do, what story will I share with me children? Since everything went AWOL that even to eat once a day is a herculian task, a lot of counsels have been coming from people pitying my predicament, the height of which was to use my 11 (Eleven) months old big headed last child “Saka” for rituals explaining that the bigger the head is, the bigger the money. I was tempted to (don’t blame me o) but I chose to ignore devlish counsels, pick up myself and fight my way to the top again. Amidst all the uncertainties surrounding me, I choose to hope because if I don’t, then life is not worth living. *gba gba gba at around 6:30am* ‘you must pay my money today, shameless fool. #200 from the past 6 months. Today na today…’ gaari woman continued screaming. ‘God’ I muttered silently, ‘I must pass today’s interview’. Before I knew it, my shoe already passed the backyard and jumped through the fence. That’s what I do everyday when people come to collect the money I owe them. Well, today’s another day, time to open creditors’ attendance at my house. Sinmi blogs at and tweets from @sinmimakinde

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