Makinde Sinmiloluwa: ‘He’s still a Man’

Most of us contribute to the downfall of our clergy men. We believe that they are “superhumans” and that they cannot be tempted. And whenever they fall, we publicise it as if they are one superficial body.

We wouldn’t say we want our clergy men to fall but our intentions points very heavily to that fact that we always want them to stumble:

How do you describe the girl that wears short skirt and tops that reveals large part of their frontal endownment and yet sits at the ‘frontest’ pew directly in front of the pulpit. Unless the Minister is an angel, don’t you think something will move him?
You know that pastors must not take alcohol but you entice that clergy man by giving him a gift of a wine that has ‘little’ alcoholic content! Is that right?

And you also know ways in which we try to make our clergy men stumble. Sure they ought to know how to control themselves and ought to know when sin is knocking. But do you think it’s right to have a hand in their downfall! We should always remember that the most anointed man is still a man.
Most people not only cause their Pastor’s downfall but nail them to their coffin. When a man of God is doing something wrong, instead of correcting the person we think that since he is a ‘superficial being’, he must be mocked and ridiculed. I won’t beg us to stop this! He that has not sinned should cast first the stone *so says my bible*.

Some people even go to the extent of committing the sin with the clergy man.
What we ought to understand is that when a man of God sins, the church have disciplinary plans guided by the Holy Spirit so we should not interfere.
If you are not a church member, you should mind your own business. Why? Simply
because people who have businesses don’t have time to poke their noses in other’s affairs.

The man of God has his own relationship with God, we have ours. How far have we gone in our relationship with God that we judge our clergymen?

Sinmi is the Editor-in-Chief of the Law Press Organization, University of Ibadan. ff on twitter @sinmimakinde

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