Fatoyinbo Oluwatosin Email: barrslim@gmail.com 07032487820, 08189441284 http://readlearnandlive.blogspot.com I SEE HOPE! Last week, I had the opportunity and priviledge of interviewing the three Presidential candidates for the Student Union (SU) elections and I came to the conclusion that the future of Nigeria is bright. These three great men had very sound ideologies and are variant in personality; while Ekhator Edosa seems to be the quiet unassuming type, he speaks with fire. Adejare Oluwadare is a Unionist to the core yet who sees confrontational unionism as only the last resort. Tunde Falade is a man of a very wonderful mien though under estimated and wrongly spoken of by many. If these three men were to stand in for the Nigerian Presidential elections, Nigeria will be lit as UI will be in the coming weeks. While passing the great Nnamdi Azikiwe Hall, I overheard an argument between some Zikites. What caught my attention was the vehement argument of one of them. He was of the opinion that it is a shame to the University of Ibadan main campus that there are two Presidential aspirants from the University College Hospital (UCH). I could not help but ask myself the logicality of this argument. UCH is very much a part of the University of Ibadan; there is no difference between the campuses. UCH is only but an extension of the UI main campus and the fact that there are two aspirants from UCH suggests that it is a vibrant gathering of great minds. Apart from the Faculty of Law, UCH was the only that other unit in UI that produced two members of the 2010/2011 SU executives. And who says ABH students cannot do well as SU Executives? I also don’t agree that Franklin Nnakwe (SU P.R.O) didn’t carry out his duties properly because he stays in UCH. I think it was just a personal defect on his part. I also heard a person argue that Adejare Oluwadare is not presentable as the SU President. For heaven’ sake, what has that got to do with what he has to offer the Union? Someone else was of the opinion that he could not even produce a presentable and beautiful poster. The question is ‘do we pick our President based on the beauty of his posters or the beauty of his brain? I do believe that one of the reasons why we have problems is electing people based on what materials they use in campaigning rather than what they say in their manifestoes. I am aware of the importance of great campaign materials but much more, I am aware of the important need to choose wisely relying on the content of their brains. I do hereby submit that Adejare is an intellectual and well presentable as SU President. Tunde Falade has been criticised as having no character but I do hereby submit as well that those who have said this have made such comments from afar without getting to know in toto who Biker Man really is. It has been argued that all he does is riding Bike on campus. Wow! What an argument! I will implore every eligible voters to listen critically and with an open mind to what these guys have to offer; rate who is best and as such let everyman make his decision subject to his conscience. Till next week, remember, to be carnally minded is death. “I have the unction of the Holy One upon me, therefore I know all things” Slim™ 2012

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