I dont have a girl friend, so what?

I have pondered on this for so long and it still does not make any sense to me: why must I have a girlfriend before I’m seen as a big boy? Why should I pretend to be what am not just to get that beautiful damsel’s attention? Why should I spend my monthly allowance on call credit to call her and afterwards soak Garri (garri is one of my favourite snacks though). A guy was saying sometimes ago that has it dawned on him that he was in 300L without a girl he could call his girlfriend. He was really serious and was begging to be linked to any Law girl I know. Infact; he doesn’t mind how she looked or who she is. She should just agree to be his girlfriend and he will be good… We are so neck deep into this whole relationship thing that we just don’t realise how blind we are, what great mistake we are making. We walk straight into a ditch with our eyes wild open yet blind. We see good when evil is staring us right in the face just because we think we are in love. Love they say is blind. No wonder people who fall in love always end up in falling into ditches. Love can never ever be blind. Listen to this chorus from a Toni Braxton song ‘I hate goodbyes, I hate this tears in my eyes, I hate myself for the way I feel about you …………………. I hate love’ this singer fell in love and hated herself for it. Why? She could not control her emotions, she lost self control and in the process her self esteem. This is exactly what happens when you hear people say they have fallen in love. Does love make one stupid and foolish? Consider this female Law student who cooks in her room every day in Queen Idia Hall and then takes it to one guy in Bello Hall or this 100L girl who goes to Bodija on Fridays to get this young man’s food supply. Love or slavery?
This particular story made me laugh my ribs out: on February 14, she bought her boyfriend several gifts without receiving a ‘thank you’. She then went again to the market to buy some other gifts, neatly wrapped and addressed them to herself. When she got to her room, she told her room mates that it was her Val gift from the so called boyfriend. Can you imagine! Isn’t that just crazy and damn right stupid.
My point is, we don’t need to follow the crowd to do evil. Please don’t get me wrong, I am not saying it is wrong to ‘fall in love’ rather I am saying why don’t we fall in love with sense. Let love be accomplished by wisdom. Letting someone else control and dictate the pace of my life all in the name of love, there is no sense in it. Absolutely none. I discover that a lot of deception is displayed by this folks who holds hands in class, church and in the Hall or Residence. Many only want someone they can tag as their boyfriend or girlfriend so as to avoid being looked down upon by friends. Girls are more vulnerable to fall prey of this than guys, which is why many girls lose their head and go to any extent to please and satisfy girl. It’s been said that girls are like medicine, they come with expiry date and once expired, they are disposed. This is why it is so easy for a guy to dispose of any girl once he is tired of her.
This and many more I considered, and I told myself ‘it just aint worth it’. Any girl that won’t accept me for who I am is not worthy of me. If I have to pretend to please her, then she is not for me. If I have to spend every dime in my pocket to make her happy, I won’t mind but if only she is the right person. Sometimes we come across a lot of people and begin to cook up feelings which do not stand the test of time. We do miss interpret our friendship or closeness with these folks for an indication of their interest in a relationship. We therefore leave them confused at the end when we get disappointed that they never had any feelings for us. Hey young folks, wake up, stop day dreaming and be realistic. Be bold and confident. I don’t have a girlfriend. So what!

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