Fikayo Ilori: The World is what we make of it!


I was talking to my friend today about how the World is changing and how we are we setting so much standards for ourselves especially in this present generation . Standards that have to do with less love, less peace, less unity. Standards that are so high we cannot even reach, standards that take us nowhere.

I got to understand this statement ”the World is what we make of it”. All these standards on how to live, how to look, how to dress, how to make money; these were the ideas of some people that the World is buying, they made the World how they wanted it and that is the point: this World is not for some people to rule and the rest to follow, NO!!!

There is a spot for everyone in the World,but you have to be yourself, set your own standards, do what you think is right but while doing that be considerate, reasonable and simple don’t be so ridiculous and unrealistic. You have to pay close attention to the people around you. If we focus on making ourselves better and helping others get better, we will not have to look up to some high and mighty people who are setting wrong standards and wrongly influencing many (especially young brilliant minds like you and I). The World will be a better place, there will be unity. We’ll all help each other up, nobody gets left behind!

Why do we have to look a certain way or talk in a certain manner to be accepted?. Why can’t we just be ourselves and accept it. The World is what we make of it, if you decide to sit around and copy some people who live in your box then maybe that is what you want to make of your life . I am not going to be like that, I am not going to listen to the voice of anybody except the voice of the most high God and He is telling me “be yourself, be who you are”. He made you for a reason, find out what it is and live it and if you think it is to walk around naked and act indecent, if you think that is what your talent is for, then I promise you, you are heading for disaster (I am not forcing myself on you; I am just saying). The talent you have is to make things better and inspire people. Let us STAND OUT AND STAND TOGETHER,YES!!, know your strength and use it to complement the other person because we are made to complement one another. The saying ‘No man is an Island on his own’ is nothing but the truth; the whole truth!

I am a Christian and am proud of it, I am nineteen and am proud of it, I think sex before marriage is wrong and I am not afraid to say it. I am who I am and I have strength in myself, it is time for us to stand for what is right. I don’t have to be a size two to be beautiful and to feel accepted. I tell you friends, there is so much unexplored beauty in decency and simplicity. I don’t have to wear shorts or show my breast for a man to love me. I am going to be admired for who I am and what I give not for what you can take from me.
The World is indeed what you make of it, and what will that be?

Fikayo is a Law student at the University of Ibadan. Follow her on twitter @phikee

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3 thoughts on “Fikayo Ilori: The World is what we make of it!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Nyc one, the world always av a way of making d standards God created look crap, buhh lies neva stand, d truth will.

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