Farouk Lawan: Man of the Moment

FAROUK LAWAN; THE MAN OF THE MOMENT! Though I am still learning the Law bit If I were Farouk Lawan’s lawyer, I wonder what defence I would raise. Accident? Mistake? Or I would just explain to the court that my client was going through psychological mishap when he committed the crime. Can the defence of insanity satiate and satisfy the Judge. However says Lawyers are not geniuses have got it wrong totally. No matter what the alleged crime might be, there will have to just be a way out. I am waiting eagerly for this case to unfold (if it indeed unfolds in the light of the recent shady and shoddy handling of high profile corruption cases). Farouk Lawan is being represented by a well respected Senior Advocate and off course, I trust to find a great way to defend Farouk. I just want to know how Ricky Tarfa (SAN) intends to persuade the Court that Hon. Farouk is the criminal Nigerians believe him to be. We should remember that until proven guilty before the court, Hon. Farouk is an innocent man and should be seen as such. Though the legal maxim res ipsa loquitor seems more appropriate in this context, we are not to assume that he is guilty based on the presently obvious res ipsa; for a man is not convicted on res ipsa until the court agrees so. Farouk Muhammad Lawan was born in 1962 and became a member of the House of Representative in 1999. He is thus serving his fourth term as a Honourable. He represents the Bagwai/Shanono Federal Constituency of Kano State under the platform of the supposedly largest party in African, the People’s Democratic Party. He became very famous in 2007 during the corruption scandal which forced first female speaker Patricia Etteh to resign. He led the Integrity Group which championed the removal of Etteh on the charges of misappropriations of House funds. He won the heart of many Nigerians by giving the impression he would stand against the slightest trace of government ill will. After Etteh stepped down, he and his integrity group folks became even more popular than ever before. As a matter of fact, until his misfortune of last week, he was touted to be the Governor-in-waiting of economically buoyant Kano State. Unfortunately, he failed to cover his tracks leaving giant elephant footprints during his last bribery escapades. He is alleged to have taken $620,000 bribe from oil magnate Femi Otedola (who is now popularly referred to as Otedollar). Otedola claimed that Farouk demanded and collected the bribe as a payment for the removal of Otedola company Zenon Petroleum & Gas Limited, from the list of 15 companies which the Farouk Lawan ad-hoc committee on fuel subsidy probe indicted in their report released in April for receiving about N2 trillion as subsidy for petrol that was never imported. He claimed to have wired and video recorded the shady transaction As things stand right now, only judicial corruption can save Farouk from the ignoble path that might lead him to prison putting an end to his ambition to succeed Governor Musa Ibrahim Kwankwanso. However, when placed side by side with the several other numbers of unresolved scandals, one is left with no choice than to conclude that Farouk Lawan will eventually be let off the hook after the likeness of his former boss Dimeji Bankole. On the other hand, I am an optimist and I believe that our judicial system is becoming saner; therefore I hope to see justice done to Hon. Farouk Lawan. If he is found not guilty on the merit, I will be pleased but it should not be that he is released on ‘want of evidence’ which has today become a popular cliché in cases bordering on bribery and corruption. “For I have the unction of the Holy One upon me, therefore I know all things’”

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