URGENT AND CONFIDENTIAL. FROM: BARRISTER M. USMAN. LAGOS – NIGERIAFAX: 234-1-7597163 Dear Sir, I am highly compelled upon strict recommendation, to write you this very urgent and confidential letter. I am BARRISTER M. USMAN the Lawyer to MRS. MARIAM ABACHA the wife of the late Nigerian Head of State General Sani Abacha who died of heart – attack on Monday, the 8th of June, 1998. Upon the sudden and tragic death of her husband, General Abacha, there has been an intensive but secret exercise by the present civilian government to close/freeze all his bank accounts both home and abroad as he was confirmed to have directed a certain percentage of oil proceeds totalling over US$ 500M (FIVE HUNDRED MILLION U. S. DOLLARS) into private bank accounts scattered in several countries of the world; accumulated during his 41/2 years of military rule. An issue that was already on press before his sudden death. Since this exercise started few month ago, my client who is still in confinement has been in a very serious agony and mental stress as the entire family have virtually lost every including landed properties and major investments both home and aborad. Luckily, there happens to be a special security account which my client deposited a sum of US$ 51, 357, 000. 00 (FIFTY ONE MILLION, THREE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY FIVE THOUSAND U. S DOLLARS). This fund in my company_s name and is lodged in a Company Security Account Deposits (CSAD) with a West African Sub- Regional Bank. The fear there is that my client is one of the directors and invariably a major shareholder in the company, there exists a possible trace of this fund when once they finish with the accounts/assets principally owned by her husband, the Late Head of State himself. It is therefore on this note that my client have taskfully delegated me to quickly source a trustworthy and reliable person/company in your country who will kindly help us to accommodate and safeguard this fund into his account to save us from the calamities of the present clamp on her husband (the ex president) bank accounts/assets all over the world. Note that we have concluded arrangements for the release of the aforementioned sum to your bank account within the shortest possible time as soon as we concluded talks. As a result of this and other higher levels of financial transaction which I would want to enter with you as made possible by the death of my client husband, I am suggesting that we schedule a meeting immediately. Please endeavour to contact me immediately through my private and confidential or Email: whether or not this offer is acceptable to you, so as to enable me make other alternative contacts, on the contrary. I await your urgent reply while believing you do understand the confidential nature of this transaction. Best Regards, BARRISTER M.USMAN Dear Sir, URGENT BUSINESS PROPOSAL This letter may come to you as a surprise since it is coming from someone you have not met before. However, we decided to contact you based on a satisfactory information we had about your business person as regard business information concerning your country and the safety of our funds in a steady economy such as that of your country compared to our country Nigeria Africa. I am a civil adviser currently working with the monitoring committee overseeing the winding up of the petroleum trust fund(PTF).Myself and my close and trusted colleagues need your assistance in the transfer of US$25 million into any reliable Account you may nominate overseas. This fund was generated from over-invoicing of contracts executed by the PTF under the administration of the past military government. These were discovered while we were reviewing the PTF accounts. From our discoveries, these contracts have been executed and the contractors in question were all paid. The difference of US$25,000,000 being the over-invoiced amount is the funds, we want your corporate entity to help us receive. What we want from you is a good and reliable company or personal Account into which we shall transfer this fund. Details should include the following: 1. Name of Bank 2. Address of Bank with Fax & Tel. No. 3. Account Number 4. Beneficiary/Signatory to Account (Account Name) Upon the Successful crediting of your Account. The fund will be shared as follows: 1. 20% for you and your assistance 2. 75% for myself & my Colleagues 3. 5% for contingency expenses Please after your first reply through e-mail, I will want us to continue further communication by fax and telephone for confidential purpose. We wish to assure you that your involvement should you decide to assist us, will be well protected, and also, this business, proposal is 100% risk free as we have put a whole lot into it. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation while we look forward to a mutually benefiting business relationship with you. Please when replying to my e-mail kindly include your telephone, fax number and mobile telephone numbers preferably extremely private numbers where we can reach you any time of the day. Please be aware that a high level of confidentiality and trust is required in this business. Best Regards, Amhed Tijani(Dr).

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