Bamgbose Janet: A kind Gesture turning Awry

It is understandable that the dream of any vision-orientated administration is to make a difference and be unique. In fact, successive governments always try to outwit one another in providing amenities for the people.
In Oyo, there is the substantiation that the Governor, Abiola Ajimobi, is trying to make life easier for the people of the state. Many have commended him for the provision of employments to the hitherto teeming redundant youths of the state through his YES-O programme, and recently, the provision of buses to convey students and workers from one destination to another at little or no charge.

However, it is a reprehensible human nature to misuse an opporunity to the extent of warping the very purpose for which something is provided. The buses provided by the Ajimobi’s administration called ‘Ajumose buses’ have in several ways eased students, mostly in public schools in Ibadan, the tortuous ‘leg journeys’ made to and from their respective schools arising from lack of transport fare, the same applies to some workers in the state capital. All they need do is stand at the designated bus stops.

A twist to this kind deed of the governor is the rush with which people, especially students, board these buses. It is not uncommon to see students pulling and pushing one another, even when the bus has not stopped. In wanting to get inside these buses, people, including small children show their punching skills with aggression. Yours truly witnessed a scene opposite the University of Ibadan one afternoon, where students were shoving and dragging one another. It was a miracle one of the kids was not smashed by the rear tyre of the bus.
It won’t be untruthful to assume that the provision of these buses has made some cavalier parents deny their wards transport fare since there are Ajumose buses to convey them. Even the kids provided with the fare are most likely to spend it elsewhere due to the availability of ‘Oko Ajumose’. Hence, the pushing and pulling is now an everyday occurrence and at this rate, there is the likelihood that there will be a casualt(ies) one day.
Human beings do not struggle for the same thing when it is in abundance. The state government provided these buses and they’ve got to provide more to the swarming commuters.
Also it needs to orientate these students to board the buses with symmetry. This can be done by their teachers instructing them in School. In larger part, they would be learning how to be organised citizens as well.
The provision of these buses shouldn’t be a curse. The state government should be proactive not reactive.
No one wants to see these children push themselves to death all in the name of boarding a bus!

Janet writes from the University of Ibadan

Makinde Sinmiloluwa: ‘He’s still a Man’

Most of us contribute to the downfall of our clergy men. We believe that they are “superhumans” and that they cannot be tempted. And whenever they fall, we publicise it as if they are one superficial body.

We wouldn’t say we want our clergy men to fall but our intentions points very heavily to that fact that we always want them to stumble:

How do you describe the girl that wears short skirt and tops that reveals large part of their frontal endownment and yet sits at the ‘frontest’ pew directly in front of the pulpit. Unless the Minister is an angel, don’t you think something will move him?
You know that pastors must not take alcohol but you entice that clergy man by giving him a gift of a wine that has ‘little’ alcoholic content! Is that right?

And you also know ways in which we try to make our clergy men stumble. Sure they ought to know how to control themselves and ought to know when sin is knocking. But do you think it’s right to have a hand in their downfall! We should always remember that the most anointed man is still a man.
Most people not only cause their Pastor’s downfall but nail them to their coffin. When a man of God is doing something wrong, instead of correcting the person we think that since he is a ‘superficial being’, he must be mocked and ridiculed. I won’t beg us to stop this! He that has not sinned should cast first the stone *so says my bible*.

Some people even go to the extent of committing the sin with the clergy man.
What we ought to understand is that when a man of God sins, the church have disciplinary plans guided by the Holy Spirit so we should not interfere.
If you are not a church member, you should mind your own business. Why? Simply
because people who have businesses don’t have time to poke their noses in other’s affairs.

The man of God has his own relationship with God, we have ours. How far have we gone in our relationship with God that we judge our clergymen?

Sinmi is the Editor-in-Chief of the Law Press Organization, University of Ibadan. ff on twitter @sinmimakinde

Joseph Udofia: In Defence of Agagu

“Why didn’t they transport Agagu’s carcass by road. Why air?”

This is a question posted by a friend on a social media platform. Another rose to his defense saying that “Agagu should have constructed good roads during his tenure as Governor of Ondo State”. These questions and comments capture a bulk of comments posted by many on social media platforms. Many were quick to say that the money used to fly the corpse will have made more impact if used to repair the road from Lagos to Akure. One asks “Is the road from Lagos to Akure, a state road”?
The road from Akure to Lagos links up with the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, a federal road. The road was never under Agagu’s jurisdiction during his six-year stinct as the Governor of Ondo State.
However, the Akure wing of the roads was under his care. Late Olusegun Agagu served as Ondo State Governor between May 2003 and February 2009. Considering the thousands of vehicles that ply the road, and our poor maintenance culture, if that road was in good shape four years ago, it would no longer be in good condition, save an intervention from the incumbent Governor, Olusegun Mimiko. So why blame Olusegun Agagu?
To make matters worse, many suddenly realized that Olusegun Agagu served Nigeria as the Aviation Minister. Many didn’t realize this, two weeks ago when he died, but were quick to showcase their prowess at history, or say, using Google, when they suddenly emerged with that fact. Tweets like “Agagu was a former Aviation Minister”- though ambiguous could mean one thing: “Good for him. He embezzled funds meant for catering for the Aviation sector and has to bear the brunt. Nemesis has caught up with him”. If so, then God should not listen to your pleas of forgiveness as fate should also orchestrate your death as retribution for the errors you made in the past.
A time like this calls for sober reflection. Nigeria just marked its 53rd year of Independence amidst turmoil. Boko Haram insurgents, industrial actions, epileptic power supply and plane crashes. One can only pray and hope for the best for the country and actively contribute his quota towards national development. This is no time for gibes or jokes. “Agagu is a Liverpool fan, he never walks alone” apparently saying that Agagu had to pull along others to the great beyond is uncalled for. If one’s friend, family or loved one was a victim of the plane crash, the funniest joke will have no iota of humour.

Let us thus cease to speak evil of the dead, and pay tributes to a man who served his fatherland, while praying that God grants the nation, family and friends, the fortitude to bear the loss.

Joseph is a passionate Nigerian contributing his quota to national development via creative writing. ff on twitter @joeycynosure

Omobitan Ifedolapo: PRECOGNITION


I staggered in like a drunkard, fell on my welcoming bed,stared at a dim flag by my has green and…..finally sleep stole me away.
…..A green field
Monkeys hopping from one tree to the other,Birds make a high pitch noise,
Butterflies display their colours,Children clasps their cymbals
Skipping here and there
Lovers in romantic atmosphere
A cocoon of a caring family
……Sounds of heavy foot steps
Gbam ! Gbam ! Gbam!

Nearer and nearer it approaches
Sounds like the dance of mortal and pestle.
Its here they say!!
Its first step on the field turned the green field into a brown field,Cracking bones of animals fell.
Closer and closer it became,
It’s first glance took away the light,
Darkness filled the earth.
Its heavy feet popped into the water
And behold!…dry lands.
It bent low on the children, lovers, fathers and mothers, clenched them together and squashed them.
Humans we’re weary,sick and pale.
It has abducted our domain.
….It walked past me but didn’t see me
A pulpit, it held tight onto and spoke with a horrible voice
…”I am the dictator”….
…”I rule your world”
Suddenly breeze blew my white gown and light crept in from my hidden spot and shown on its face
..He turned his massive body’
Behold a fat, tall, bald looking monster
Who are you he roared?
…Out of fear came a voice…I am the voice of the youth that refused to be drowned,
why do we run this relay and the baton has refused to pass?
Why have we allowed this monster pierce our future?
Must we at all times allow our innate abilities to be held in a curfew
Our future has lost his lustre
We need our lee-way
Let’s reach our eyrie
And stop them from giving us carnards let’s stop this old fuddy puddy monster
Let our straining voices be tuned to high pitch
Let’s kindle a fire
Let’s beseige the power
Until its withdrawn unto us
Until the light shines upon the world
Until our voices are heard
Until water flows are unstoppable
Until our sick regain strength
Until our fields are ever green

Ifedolapo is an optimist, an event planner(CEO bittany events services), a writer and a poet, she writes mostly on love and sometimes on politics

Yetunde Akanni: MY NATION, NO WRONG


Could any wrong ever be seen?
Yet no wrong is seen.
But occurring, no reoccurring
Repeating itself like history.
Staggering to gain stability,
Like an infant.
Pity is the political state
Yet no wrong is seen.

Oath were sworn by the Nationalist on the 1st day of the tenth of 1960,
To keep the ship sailing, sworn to ideas, peace,
Unity, great future and ideologies;
Reverse is the case, yet no wrong is seen.

No wrong is said to be seen
Yet corruption dictates to morals,
Bribery advises conscience to keep quiet.
Mother totalitarianism gives thumbs up to oppression and dictatorship
As they hail their father exploitation.
Yet the nation is said to be the happiest people on earth.

Could there be any wrong in 99 Agenda, 71 policies not achievable.
The song no wrong is seenis the anthem of our leaders.
Civil servants turn strike to annual leave,
Yet no wrong is seen

Still good people, great nation.
Franchise, been denied those who worth it.
No rigging , no election.
Yet no wrong is seen
No 24hrs of uninterrupted power supply
Yet everything is said to be fine.

Future of the youth is blinking, no wrong is said to be fine.
The ray of hope is diminishing, still the happiest
People and no wrong is seen.
Literate iiliterate, machinery of thuggery
Chickens are given befitting death than humans in my nation,
Yet praises of the nation is ;
No wrong is seen

Could there be any wrong seen,
Nay no wrong is seen
Rigging my mandate to passionless leaders,
Insulting my values, nay my nation’s intelligence
Yet no wrong is seen

Wrong seen or not seen as it beckons,
I mean the new dawn,
With my breath down my throat,
My life on me,
All will I lend to attain the nation of my dream’
For I see wrong in the history and present.

Yetunde is a Law graduate from the University of Ibadan who writes when there is encouragement or challenge

Oluwatosin Fatoyinbo: #Independence 53 – This is not about President Jonathan

There is a man who lives somewhere around, he is perhaps the sickest man I have come across. There was so much joy and celebration prior and sequel to his birth. The parents had been looking for a child for so many years they were becoming the ridicule of the city. They watched helplessly as new neighbouring couples were having children without much effort while they continue to sweat. The day the wife got pregnant, the whole World heard about it and the day the baby was born, the invitation cards went to all the corners of the world. There were faces from all over to witness the christening. There was plenty to eat and plenty to drink.  Infact there was no need to cry foul of people who came to the party uninvited. The parent had prepared more than enough to go round all the guests three times.  Soon, the party guests began to leave one after the other. Until all that was left in the house was the man, his wife and their new born child. It was at this stage, that the Centre came apart. The veil was torn and the secret problem of the couple began to surface. They were two different set of people, with totally different dreams and aspirations, but they were forced to marry each other; thanks to their parents.

They hid their differences all this while so they could together remove a shame, their childlessness. The moment the shame was removed, the differences’ ugly head reared up itself and this time with full venom. They argued loudly, fought very hard. They wouldn’t agree on what type of cloth their baby should wear, what school the baby should attend. They puffed and huffed while the baby’s life was been snuffed. The man claimed superiority, the woman claim superiority, the baby claimed neglect and became sickly. Despite the fragile state of the baby, they still refused to pay attention being more concerned about stamping their feet. They kept fighting for the next few years until death came and sent them to their early graves. However, the deed had been done. They had left a child who was seriously fixated, whose growth was stunted and whose future looked more than bleak. Today, their child is a man of 53 but deep within remains the child who was never allowed to grow up in spite of every attempt to rise after his parent’s death.

1914 is often derided as the year that we were made to enter into an unholy alliance and while the Earth remain, October 1st will continually be celebrated as the day freedom from colonial rule was achieved. It also serve as the reminder of the huge differences that exists between the component parts of the Nigerian state. Hope was the watchword, greatness was an understatement, ruling the black world was not a pipe dream; none of this has yet to happen in the real sense though. We are almost still at the stage we were on October 1st 1960 even after 53 donkey years. The above fictional story may not be the perfect illustration but it’s very close. The present problem called Nigeria was a creation of the original fathers further exacerbated by Military juntas and visionless leaders and a dumb ethnic sentimental followership.

The only difference between 1960 and 2013 is perhaps that the fathers were actually very brilliant and had a near perfect vision of what they wanted the land to look like but they were under the cloud of ‘self’, they were held back by the claws of selfishness. Today’s leaders on the contrary seem (emphasis on seem) to have no idea of what they are doing but do it with all confidence anyway. The Presidential chat on Sunday is baffling, Mr. President was more than non-challant and one could only wonder if he is bothered about the solving the nation’s problems in the same manner he is bothered about dissolving his political enemies. While it is difficult to say with all assurance that the President is on track, I will also not agree with the opposition that the President is not ‘doing anything’, ‘he is clueless’, ‘is he even a Ph.D. holder? etc.  I am not denying the obvious, we have a big problem. However, the opposition in Nigeria have a funny way of expanding our woes, making us look like a nation without hope. When the opposition takes over, they become the oppressors and the vicious cycle of oppositional stupidity begins all over again.

In reality, this really is not about President Jonathan, it’s about us as a People. We are stuck, we are fixated, and we have refused to grow up as a people. We have never known how to rally round ourselves: the rule in every nook and cranny of Nigeria is ‘every man for himself’. This fixated mentality is planted in the heart of every Nigerian child such that when he grows, he passes it down the line as well. It’s the difference we cannot believe politicians cannot but steal, it’s the reason we want to grab all we can when the chance is present. Every cadre of leadership in Nigerian is affected by this problem; from the wards to the local government, from the state to the federal government, it’s a national mountain of selfishness and utter hypocrisy. So let no one deceive us by insisting that President is our only problem. My local government Chairman is as much a part of the problem as Rotimi Amaechi, Babatunde Fashola and Godswill Akpabio.

Another people problem we have is our sublime belief in any person or group who speaks out against the ruling government, many of these people while fighting their own personal battles, battles to save their head, we ‘saintify’ them. It does not matter what their past records shows, we discard their history simply because they added the tag ‘progressives’ to their names. This is Nigeria, where we corrupt the saint and ‘saintify’ the corrupt

Are we making progress as a country? Maybe yes; only that a snail can even do better. Can we run at a faster pace? Yes but only if we will solve this people problem, re-orientate ourselves and teach our children the right virtues. The future survival of Nigeria depends on them, not even on my generation for we have bought into the ‘Nigerian ailment’ and not so much can be expected from us. We can contribute if we try but that we are the ones to take this land to our destined Canaan is hard to chew or swallow. Forget about General Buhari; forget about Ashiwaju Tinubu; forget about Goodluck Jonathan; forget about Rotimi Amaechi and the rest of the present political dictators and clowns. There isn’t much hope with them. All we can do is get the best they can offer out of them. Make them as sincere as possible, get them to do the little they can do, cope with them, enjoy their ‘once in a while’ wisdom and goodness then watch them as they return to the grave for we all must die one day.

ff on twitter @tosinfat

Joseph Udofia: Happy Independence NIGERIA

From the chocolate-skinned Hausas of the North,
To the light-skinned Igbos of the South,
To the ever-partying Yorubas of the West.
We are diverse, yet one.
Let us thus, leave no place for war.

Is it the Ogbono, that can draw everyone to the pot?
Or the Afang, that has the biblical sweet-smelling savour?
Or the Gbegiri, that enslaves you in the kitchen, begging for more?
How many shall we count of our rich delicacies,
Unmatched by the white man’s meals, no matter his efficacies?

How soon have we forgotten the million that died for Biafra?
How long shall we suffer at the hands of Boko Haram?
How long shall we condone inter-ethnic clashes?
How long shall we be at each other’s neck,
When it costs much less to give one another, a peck?

One day, we will be listed among the great nations.
Corruption and its perception, a thing of the past.
Light, road and social amenities will be in excess.
We will fill our barns and other countries stores
And as Nigerians, we will get special treatments outside our shores.

Let inter-tribal marriages continue.
Let Kayode emerge a Governor in Kaduna.
Let Fatima call Oyo her hometown.
Let it be known that United, we stand.
And Nigeria, is ours to build: Our fatherland.


Joseph, is a passionate Nigerian contributing his quota to National development via creative literature. ff on twitter @joeycynosure

Oluwatosin Fatoyinbo: Who wants the cookie Anyway?

As the administrator of paarapo, I had the opportunity of reading through and editing Adaora’s piece called: “What’s with the cookie anyway?”, and my first reaction evident by our bbm chat was that there are many of us who really are not bothered about the ‘cookie’. She agreed and said perhaps a man should write from a male perspective and this is an attempt at that.

In the first place, our generation has become so fond of nicknames that we have lost touch of some deep realities. There is deep meaning in the original names of certain phenomenon, such that when we rename them, they tend to lose their weight. The particular word in context here is called ‘SEX’ not ‘cookie’. I understand that it can sometimes be awkward to use that word but I believe there’s a reason why it found its way into the English Dictionary. However, for the sake of this write-up, let’s stick with the whole ‘cookie’ thing.

All through my years of understanding, I have always wanted a woman who would not be overshadowed by my image but one who will stand shoulder to shoulder with me. A woman I can introduce around in any gathering and who would get envious looks from other men not just because of her outer fairness but because of her inner beauty and the fact that no man had ‘known’ her.

That perhaps is the most important thing to me and second only to that is this: she must be a firebrand daughter of Zion who is as crazy about Jesus as I am. What’s my joy in knowing that a woman has cheaply given her cookie just to keep a man?
If I could have kept my ‘cookie’ (if there’s anything like that), why can’t she keep hers? I am a virgin and I’ve never been more proud to say this. #Jesus is obviously the reason for my being so even though my morality also agrees (you may say my morality is affected by #Jesus influence too),isn’t it a great thing for a man to discover that his bride has kept her ‘cookie’? Yes, there’s nothing more delightful to a groom as much as that.

Now, I have seen so much ironic and perhaps evil things: I have seen girls who having cheaply offered their ‘cookie’ to many biscuit lovers, end up with a man who chose to be chaste.
I have seen women who resisted all temptations to give away their ‘cookie’ only to end up with a man who has eaten so many ‘cookies’ that he couldn’t even tell the difference. One should never think that men will first of all look to settle with the cheerful ‘cookie’ giver. Men, no matter how much they have helped in stealing another man’s ‘cookie’ will still do their very best to search out that woman who jealously kept hers. Ladies should just take note of the fact that what all men have in mind is this: HE THAT FINDETH A WIFE FINDETH A GOOD THING AND OBTAINETH FAVOUR OF THE LORD,(even when many men are not good things themselves).

I think what women should also look out for is that ‘GOOD’ thing and ‘FAVOUR’ of the Lord).
Without bias, do you think that the cheerful ‘cookie’ giver is a good thing? A favour from the Lord? If he pesters you for the ‘cookie’, he most likely thinks that you are not a good thing because everything good takes time. So if he is not ready to wait for the TIME and the SEASON, I tell you Dear Girlfriend, its TIME to move on to greater things.

Am I saying that there ain’t pressure on the Girls or Ladies as the case maybe? No! The pressure on you is so much that sometimes I wish you could all be male but then, if that happened, man would have no companion.

The woman is not actually always about the cookie, she is about companionship, friendship, being and helping the ‘Helpmeet’. (Am I preaching? Yes! But I don’t care: its the truth).
There’s so much pressure on you but don’t pull the plug on yourself. Stop putting yourself under pressure. Stop throwing yourself at him.

Perhaps, the woman’s biggest problem is her fairy tale ‘cinderrelic’ mindset. You want to be swept off your feet but like my friend Oluwatelemi rightly noted, only Jesus can truly ‘sweep’ you off your feet. Yes, there will be a man who will love you for who you are, adore you and maybe worship you even,but will it be like those dreamy tales you read about? I really don’t think so.

So stop ‘loving up’ a man who you know is not realistic, a man who is more concerned about the cookie than your general welbeing, more concerned about lifting ‘the veil’ than lifting your soul. If he asks to lift your veil, tell him to go get a court order (by putting a ring on your finger and making the necessary vows before God, your friends and family). If he’s not gonna do that, then he has absolutely no jurisdiction to lift the veil.
Tell him to shut up and get out of your life. And if he refuses, shove him away.

There’s no need to dilly-dally; no need to think twice. If he can’t be patient with you, he will soon lose his patience with your sister who comes visiting; whether your sister is hot or not wouldn’t matter as long as the cookie is available.

So who wants the cookie anyway? You know that already! I speak the mind of those of us (and we are many) who have chosen to walk the path of asking for the cookie only when we have jurisdiction, having paid the price and obtained a court order. We are telling you to take note that until we do that, you should please remain ‘cookie-stingy’!


** Special appreciation to Adaora for the inspirational push to pen this.

Oluwatosin is a fiery young man who is learning on a daily basis to follow Jesus. Simple and friendly, he loves his pen and Arsenal FC. ff on twitter @tosinfat

Titiladunayo Daniel: A TALE OF TWO THIEVES


The epileptic case of the nation’s political arena reminds me of Charles Dickens’ lines in his book, the tale of two cities

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to Heaven, we were all going direct the other way−−in short, the period was so far like the present period, that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only”

A similar river flowed through a particular country in West Africa after they got the baptism of confusion. A year before the end of the Military era, a decade and five years ago, a group of friends who have displayed high proficiency level in corruption came together to birth an “umbrella” body, they rose to prominence and became an unavoidable evil, they turned people’s rights into privileges, they promoted injustice and championed lawlessness, they crumbled education and gave good communication network, they stole from the poor and gave to the rich not neglecting their ambition to create a wider margin between the duo, they tutored the youths just to have capable hands to receive the mantle from them when they transcend. During the era of their sovereignty, so many squad rose but none seemed to be a match.

In 2006, 3 gangs namely ACD, JP and AD mingled to form the “progressive” but could only terrorize six states. As the country gradually approaches her century-old forceful marriage, another attempt was launched to unseat the ruling thieves through the formation of a formidable gang which dawned a serious merger between three different sets of thieves, which included the initial “progressive”; their ideology remains “socialism and progressive”.

The two dreadful gangs of thieves are likened to the crisis-plagued Peoples Democratic Party and the newly-born All Progressive Congress.

Over the past few months, a lot of wind has blown beneath the heavens of governance and has heated polity in the seventh most populous country in the world. Less good has been achieved and much more vices have been promoted, political punches have being exchanged, oral blocks of chaos have been built, innate enmity between political warlords has being fostered, mixture of old wines and new wines into a new container, declaration of threat between the so-called party leaders and the Presidency as regards the quest of who occupies the power house, the “Aso Rock”, in 2015. Tussle for sovereignty becomes intense as the continual existence of this 15year old gang face serious threat from the hands of the new merger.

Several days after the registration of the new party, the pages of our National dailies were flooded with accolades to both the INEC and the new party leaders for the successful emergence of the new gang, Nigerians were congratulated for the birth of the “saint”, APC. I kept wondering if the party stands devoid of the “Fani-Kayodes” of Aviation, the “El-Rufais” of FCT, the “Nuhu Ribadus” of EFCC, who stole with the ruling thieves, deflected to the new gang and have metamorphosed into “accidental social activist”, the same “Buharis” of this world that stole our democracy then, the same “Fasholas” that hiked the tuition fee of LASU with his party preaching free education and can’t shut them up. The rhetorical question is that “do Nigerians got any reason to rejoice over the birth of the party that has got no formidable plan than to unseat the ruling People’s Democratic Party? They preach to the Nation what they haven’t offered their respective states. APC has indeed come to crown the effort of the People Deceiving People’s gang, apparently the same old thieves with a new brand, insignia and ultimately a new name.

The assertion that “people get the kind of leader they deserve” has found its stand on the soil of this country because the unperturbed followers have surrendered governance to selfish personages who keep launching different selfish political sects or parties just to prove their worth in the on-going contest of who can loot the Nigerian treasure better. Until that moment and day when we have leaders who live and pride in the true meaning of our National anthem “the labour of our heroes past shall never be in vain to serve with heart and might”, we might not be able to talk of a New Nigeria or celebrate true democracy.

Titiladunayo, Daniel ‘Damilola is the President of the Union of Campus Journalists (UCJ) of the University of Ibadan. Follow him on twitter @lorddaniel2121

Oluwatelemi Ola-James: It Won’t Hurt to feel it too

I curled myself up against the army green leather settee, thoughtlessly sipping the very chilled viji milk my host got me, lamenting that I was made to watch a mexican love series “Mari Mar” which was very contrary to my regularly “Criminal minds’, “Major Crimes” kinda series. I whined and sighed but my host paid me no mind as she sat eyes affixed to the screen. Amazed at how engrossed she was, I decided to give it a shot.

Soon enough, I was totally engrossed as well,a little more than my host ‘sef’. As I watched, I, in my mind swapped roles with the young Mexican girl that had fallen hopelessly in love. My heart missed a beat as her lover,Sergio, cupped her face in his tender palms and looked straight into her glassy eyes. He lean forward to plant a kiss on her quivering lips and as the tip of his lips slightly touched hers, her eyelids lowered themselves and it was like nothing else mattered. She was definitely in cloud nine and he hadn’t even kissed her yet!
Suddenly, I felt this wet sensation along my tights, I jolted back to reality as I realised that more than half of my chilled viju had poured on my fancy cream coloured pleated skirt.”Mschewwww, abeg let’s remove this movie,” I said to my host angrily. I was angry at the fact that I had just ruined my favourite skirt but more about the false impression that love like this exists.

I thought back at the various men that had passed my life, none of them had treated me like Sergio treated Marimar. Is it that they just did not feel the need to treat me like that or that I did not deserve it or that men like that exist only in movies?

But really, where did all the good men go? or is it that love is really overrated? Whatever happened to the men that will sweep you off your feet and would make you feel like you are the best thing that happened to them, the ones that will encourage you to keep your cookie in the cookie jar and not manipulate you to giving them a bite. The ones that need not say “I love you” but you know damn well that they do. I doubt if other girls have them because an increasing number of ladies are on the prowl for these “movie-like men”.

As I got up to clean up my soiled clothing, my host and I concluded that love is really overrated and that love like this exists only in movies but then, even if it means signing up for a movie audition, it certainly won’t hurt to feel this kinda love too.

Oluwatelemi, is a once-upon a time love addict, who learnt the hardest way that the only true lover is Jesus. Follow her on twitter @teju_james