Today, women fashion is all about nakedness. They leave nothing to be imagined. Hardly can you walk pass five ladies on the street without finding at least two or three showing either their cleavage or thigh. Some try to be moderate in the level of exposure while some shameless others will rather show half of the breast to the public as if that part of the body were meant for public view. Nigerian campuses are littered with these set of ladies who see no wrong or harm in walking naked on the street.
You know sometimes, I feel like flogging them so that the little demons of nudity in them will run away. This style of fashion is one of the evils we have incorporated from the western World. An average American movie will have at least one scene of nudity; this is now becoming a trend in movies coming from the African film industry. If there were an award for the best nude films, Ghana with a rousing ovation should claim the award. Nollywood will be second on the Award list.
Gradually, our core African values are being eroded, which is why one of the common sayings on our campuses presently is ‘virginity is a disease’. Or how else do you explain parents who with their eyes wide open allow their young daughters step out of the house half naked. What type of husband encourages his wife to dress to work almost nude? The faithfulness of such a man should in fact be questioned.
I was talking to a female classmate of mine, and she said men don’t respect them unless they are dressed this way. She was of the opinion that the best way to attract a guy is to be nude. She said men are moved by what they see. Though I agreed with her on the last part of her argument but I must confess that the other aspect is not true. Only an idiot of a man will approach such girls. There is a concept in Law called ‘Invitation to treat’; it is an advertisement to the whole world that you have some wares to sell. ‘I am very cheap, very much cheap’ is what these girls are saying. Who then is to blame when they are raped by some dogs who call themselves men? The old saying that ‘the way you dress is the way you will be addressed’ is still correct even in our modernized world.
If nothing is done to put an end to this epidemic evil running through our society, then in the next few decades, women might be roaming the street totally naked all in the name of fashion. May we not see that day in Jesus name.

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