Bamgbose Janet: A kind Gesture turning Awry

It is understandable that the dream of any vision-orientated administration is to make a difference and be unique. In fact, successive governments always try to outwit one another in providing amenities for the people.
In Oyo, there is the substantiation that the Governor, Abiola Ajimobi, is trying to make life easier for the people of the state. Many have commended him for the provision of employments to the hitherto teeming redundant youths of the state through his YES-O programme, and recently, the provision of buses to convey students and workers from one destination to another at little or no charge.

However, it is a reprehensible human nature to misuse an opporunity to the extent of warping the very purpose for which something is provided. The buses provided by the Ajimobi’s administration called ‘Ajumose buses’ have in several ways eased students, mostly in public schools in Ibadan, the tortuous ‘leg journeys’ made to and from their respective schools arising from lack of transport fare, the same applies to some workers in the state capital. All they need do is stand at the designated bus stops.

A twist to this kind deed of the governor is the rush with which people, especially students, board these buses. It is not uncommon to see students pulling and pushing one another, even when the bus has not stopped. In wanting to get inside these buses, people, including small children show their punching skills with aggression. Yours truly witnessed a scene opposite the University of Ibadan one afternoon, where students were shoving and dragging one another. It was a miracle one of the kids was not smashed by the rear tyre of the bus.
It won’t be untruthful to assume that the provision of these buses has made some cavalier parents deny their wards transport fare since there are Ajumose buses to convey them. Even the kids provided with the fare are most likely to spend it elsewhere due to the availability of ‘Oko Ajumose’. Hence, the pushing and pulling is now an everyday occurrence and at this rate, there is the likelihood that there will be a casualt(ies) one day.
Human beings do not struggle for the same thing when it is in abundance. The state government provided these buses and they’ve got to provide more to the swarming commuters.
Also it needs to orientate these students to board the buses with symmetry. This can be done by their teachers instructing them in School. In larger part, they would be learning how to be organised citizens as well.
The provision of these buses shouldn’t be a curse. The state government should be proactive not reactive.
No one wants to see these children push themselves to death all in the name of boarding a bus!

Janet writes from the University of Ibadan

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