When I consider what our fathers have done, are doing and what they are yet capable of doing, I get scared for my generation. Our fathers have wrecked so much havoc on us that we are left perplexed. Our educational system is in shambles: ASUU/FG have turned us into old papas and mamas and made us ineligible for youth service, they gladly refer to their days and tell us that we have fallen the standard. What an affront on us, who is responsible for the decay? Who divert all of our funds to Swiss account and into their private pockets? Who dine and wine while schools are shut? Yet they open their big ugly mouth and cry foul. Imagine the Niger state Governor saying that he sold two of his cars to send his child to school in England, so what about parent who live in the popular face-me-i-face-you one room apartment? what car will they sell? Servant leader indeed!
This shameless group of individuals who in their late stages of life still make advances at our young female colleagues. On several occasions, I have witnessed harassment from politicians. The poor girl was scared and was asking us to shield her from this stupid old man. it is unimaginable that men who ought to be setting us on the right path are giving bad example. Having young girls at home, they look outside, and their preference is the young innocent girl of the same age as their daughter. They pretend to be holy and would crucify any courageous young man who attempts to show affection to their daughter .It is appalling that this heinous act is perpetrated even on our campuses; recent reports have shown that our Lecturers still make sexual advances to female students with the threat to fail them if they refused to agree. I know most universities will deny this; insisting they have rooted out such acts from their campuses. But the reality staring us in the face is that it seems to have forgotten worse and unfortunately, we cannot cry out for fear of persecution.
You know sometimes, I find difficult to pray for these men; even though I know that God loves them as much as he loves Daddy E.A Adeboye. How can God be merciful to such wicked men, I am then reminded that God also brought me out of my wickedness, though my wickedness from man’s perspective cannot be compared with theirs. But God regards iniquity as same. Despite all these things I know about God’s mercy, I also know he is a consuming fire. I will prefer that God show them this latter nature of his.
And you know what scares me most? I can see my generation doing even more terrible things when we reach their age if something drastic is not done about our generation. I don’t know if you share my fear.